11.10.2006 irc2 suffered a hardware failure, total downtime 37 hours
21.07.2006 irc2 had some hardware maintenance and some problems arised, total downtim\ e approximately 18 hours
29.04.2006 irc2 suffered from a power supply failure, total downtime 19 hours
30.12.2005 irc1 was relocated to another ISP
16.08.2004 irc1 was rebooted due to a kernel update
13.08.2004 irc2 was rebooted due to a kernel update
01.07.2004 irc1 was unavailable from 14:00 to 15:00 local time (EEST) because of hardware maintenance
19.04.2004 irc1 was rebooted due to a kernel update
15.04.2004 irc2 was rebooted due to a kernel update
15.04.2004 Changed the order in which news entries are listed
03.03.2004 irc1 and irc2 were rebooted due to a kernel update
19.02.2004 I removed stunnel for good, SSL support has to wait until lain has it inbuilt
07.01.2004 irc1 and irc2 were rebooted due to a kernel update
03.12.2003 irc1 and irc2 were rebooted due to a kernel update
02.12.2003 irc4 was rebooted due to a kernel update
30.11.2003 irc4 is up & running again
27.11.2003 The server on which irc4 runs on is having some technical issues, use other servers for now
10.10.2003 irc1 had connectivity problems from 13:20 to 18:30 (EEST)
11.09.2003 irc4 connection count, ping and uptime statistics are being updated again (Thanks Blitzer)
05.09.2003 irc4 connection count, ping and uptime statistics aren't being updated
21.08.2003 irc5 was removed due to network instability
21.08.2003 irc1 and operservice was unavailable 02:00->15:00 (EEST)
08.08.2003 irc1 suffered from an internal syn-flood and blocked connections, the cause of the syn-flood should now be eliminated
04.06.2003 irc2 and irc1 (in that order) were restarted due to wrong server policies
06.04.2003 irc5 has been added as a permanent U.S. EQUNet server
28.03.2003, a experimental (pending re-install) server based in the United States, is up & running
12.03.2003 irc1 is fully functional again, listening on IP address
11.03.2003 The server that hosts irc1 suffers currently from dementia, it will be hopefully fixed tomorrow
10.03.2003 The server that hosts irc1 will be moved to EUnet Finland server hosting tomorrow 11.03.2003 at 12:00 - 15:00 local time
24.02.2003 irc3 suffered from network instability
22.02.2003 irc1 suffered from network instability for an hour
21.02.2003 I did some changes to the web site, mainly made the used font smaller
21.02.2003 I added a server linking page
12.02.2003 irc3 had a power supply failure
09.02.2003 irc1 IP address has changed, the new IP address is
09.02.2003 The scheduled irc1 maintenance was over at 13:30 local time
07.02.2003 irc2 experienced some network instabilities
06.02.2003 The server which hosts irc1 has a downtime on 9.2.2003 from 12:00 to 13:00 local time
01.02.2003 Big changes for irc3: new ISP which means that the connection type and IP address has changed, irc3 should be rock stable from now on (n'est-ce pas Sami?)
25.01.2003 irc3 is suffering from network problems, use other servers for now
21.01.2003 irc4 was lost in space from 17:15 to 18:50 local time due to server room changes done by EUnet Finland
11.01.2003 irc3 IP address changed, the new IP address is
08.01.2003 irc3 seems to be down, use other servers for now
21.12.2002 There is now a enforced clone limit of 6 connections per host, for trusts see Services
05.12.2002 irc3 experienced some network unstability, things were back to normal next morning
03.12.2002 irc2 unexpectedly rebooted itself when a employee caused by mistake a interruption in electricity supply (once again, sorry)
01.12.2002 I accidently rebooted the server that runs irc2, sorry about that
25.10.2002 I added a page which allows you to see the link uptime of all servers
19.10.2002 I just noticed that it has been 3 years since EQUNet was launched - more specifically on the 4th of October EQUNet became 3 years old so happy birthday to all of us!
17.10.2002 The uplink of irc1 has been very unstable for the past week, avoid using irc1 if you want a reliable connection
20.09.2002 irc3's network connection was unstable for a while, things should be back to normal now
10.09.2002 EUnet Finland has been doing some serious work with their backbone this (and last) week, client & server connections to irc1 and irc4 are affected
06.09.2002 I added a page for monitoring the server and link uptime of EQUNet's IRC servers
28.08.2002 There was a network downtime with the link connecting irc1 to the network so I used the occasion to /restart irc1
28.08.2002 irc1 needs to be /restart'ed because of DNS problems, please (re)connect to another server for now
27.08.2002 irc2 is now hosted by and the network connection is from Song Networks
12.08.2002 EUnet Finland (Jippii & KPNQwest) is experiencing network problems, virtually the whole EQUNet network is affected
11.08.2002 EQUNet almost reached 50 concurrent users today (the peak was 49, see for details)
18.07.2002 irc2 will be moved to a hosting service ( on 1.9. and the KPNQwest provided ADSL will be disconnected
11.07.2002 irc4 was revived Thanks to Blitzer
10.07.2002 The announcement that Jippii and KPNQwest will merge will most likely lead to instabilites on both irc1 and irc2 for the following months (you should probably use irc3 until things settle down)
04.07.2002 Jippii has been having some network problems the past 2 days, use irc2 or irc3 for now
18.06.2002 The maintenance seems to have paid off, irc1 and irc2 are stable again (knocking on wood)
08.06.2002 irc1 and irc2 are now running ircu lain 1.2.0
08.06.2002 The maintenance took longer than expected, irc1 and irc2 were back up on 8.6.2002 at 05:00 (EEST)
06.06.2002 irc1 and irc2 downtime scheduled to take place on 7.6.2002 at 20:00-22:00 (EEST)
30.05.2002 The problems irc1 and irc2 are having are hardware related (needs replacing)
29.05.2002 Things seem to have stabilized on irc1 and irc2, still keeping an eye on them though
17.05.2002 Added a temporary test server: (please test it out, it's to rule out bad hardware on irc1)
17.05.2002 irc1 core dumped again
16.05.2002 Web site redesigned
06.05.2002 I spoke too soon, irc1 core dumped again (use irc3 for now)
27.04.2002 I think I have found the reason for irc1 and irc2 occasionally dumping core (feel free to use irc1 and irc2 again)
25.04.2002 At least KPN Qwest Finland is facing some problems in FICIX (EQUNet and it's network stability is also affected)
17.04.2002 irc1 and irc2 are experiencing some stability issues (use irc3 for now)
24.03.2002 Now also irc3 supports SSL connections
23.03.2002 You can now use SSL to connect to irc1 or (use port 7000)
25.01.2002 irc1 and hardware was upgraded
05.01.2002 will now connect you to a random EQUNet server
20.12.2001 irc3 IP address has changed, it is now
13.12.2001 irc1 and irc2: there was a electricity outage 13:10->13:55 (EEST)
16.11.2001 irc1 and irc2: the same storm continued to torment my computer equipment
15.11.2001 irc1 and irc2: a local storm caused electricity outages
19.08.2001 is now
11.07.2001 link speed has changed from 272 Kbps to 1.168 Mbps
13.06.2001 EQUNet is now using ircu 2.10.10 lain 1.1.2
22.02.2001 A new server to serve your needs:
02.02.2001 now resides in Espoo
18.01.2001 irc4 was shutdown by Vekotin
17.12.2000 irc3 IP address changed to (also hardware has been upgraded)
05.10.2000 irc3 is again fully functional
30.09.2000 is down for a while because of broken hardware (use irc or irc4 instead)
15.09.2000 has been replaced by
06.07.2000 has been stable for the past week, feel free to use again (instead of irc3)
22.06.2000 network connection has changed to 272/272 Kbps (SDSL)
18.05.2000 irc3 IP address changed to and irc5 network connection has changed to 2/2 Mbps
04.05.2000 I registered, will be phased out in preference of
05.04.2000 has been very unreliable lately due to network & hardware problems (use irc3 for now)
05.02.2000 irc4 was removed from the network because Tume was too inactive as a server admin
06.12.1999 also irc6 was shutdown because the server was too unrealiable
06.12.1999 irc2 was shutdown because VesaK wanted his hardware for other purposes
16.11.1999 a new irc3 was introduced by Vekotin
16.11.1999 irc3 was shutdown because Buffy's campus was put behind a firewall
04.10.1999 became operative
04.10.1999 The domain was registered and later accepted by